The following articles are the Multisite Hosting (internet address: Terms & Conditions. Your use of Multisite Hosting indicates your acceptance of these terms.


Article 1 The Synonymy of Terms


Multisite Hosting and could be used inter-changeably in the below terms and in the entire website. Please bear in mind that they both refer to the same entity.


Article 2 Eligibility of Membership


Multisite Hosting is only available to people who are over 18 and are legally entitled to own an email account (regardless of their geographical location) in their name. Therefore, people who are under 18 are not eligible for membership at Multisite Hosting due to security precautions and legal issues. If you do not meet these requirements, then you are not eligible to use Multisite Hosting services.


Article 3 Allowed Contents


As an user of Multisite Hosting blog services you can publish and post any content except the following materials: child and adult pornography, racial and sexual offensive contents, copyrighted and protected materials whether they are writings, photos, audio, video, ads and banners. Hence, if we notice you have violated any of the prohibited contents mentioned in these terms, we will immediately delete your account and you will be restricted from future use of Multisite Hosting services.


Article 4  Warranty & Liability


Multisite Hosting provides free blog services  to anyone who is qualified (according to Article 2 of these terms) and in return does not ask for any money. Furthermore, it does its best to put forward an excellent and unique service. However, Multisite Hosting does not offer any type of warranty or promise about the availability and uptime of any of its services. Consequently, if you run a business or any kind of monetization on your Multisite Hosting blog, as a result of our server downtime, a malfunction in any of our themes, plugins of software you lose money or profit,  Multisite Hosting cannot be legally liable. In other words, we provide our free services ‘as they are’ and they do not come with any sort of warranty.


Article 5 Paying Taxes


As a registered user of Multisite Hosting, if you are making money via affiliate links and banners or through providing any type of chargeable service,  whether you are an individual or a business, you are fully responsible for paying and calculating your taxes. Thus, Multisite Hosting does not take any liability what so ever about any tax related problem or legal matter that might arise as a result of not paying or calculating the right amount of tax.


Article 6 Closing your Account


Upon your request, Multisite Hosting will close your account and as soon as possible your details will be removed from Multisite Hosting so that it cannot be viewed by other users. Removal will be based on your account status. Multisite Hosting may also close or deactivate inactive accounts, or accounts that are used in violation of its terms and agreement.


Personal information from closed or inactive accounts will be deleted as soon as possible after the account is closed or deactivated. Under certain circumstances Multisite Hosting may retain personal information from closed or inactive accounts for longer. Grounds for doing so would include; prevention of fraud, resolution of disputes, to enforce necessary terms and conditions, or to otherwise take actions permitted by law. Under such circumstances this information will be kept as long as it is necessary and relevant for Multisite Hosting operations, and to comply with any applicable law.


Article 7 Completeness of these Terms


Multisite Hosting terms and conditions apply to all of terms of use that are displayed at the entire Multisite Hosting network. This means that your acceptance of these terms and conditions (which are displayed at this page) implies your acceptance of Multisite Hosting other terms of service e.g. our user privacy policies, frequently asked questions guidelines and any other policies that are shown at Multisite Hosting network.


Article 8 Updates & Changes to our Terms & Conditions


Multisite Hosting reserves the right to update, change, edit or remove any part of its terms and conditions, its user privacy policies agreement and its day to day services whenever it feels that is required without giving any prior notice to its members. However, although (according to these terms) Multisite Hosting is not obligated to send prior notifications about changes to its services,  yet for members convenience, it will send email notifications 30 days prior to the date that new changes will take effect. Nevertheless, in order to acknowledge and fully understand these terms and conditions, users are strongly advised to frequently visit this page.


By  registering an account at Multisite Hosting you acknowledge and accept all above terms and conditions without any alteration or exception.